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Review of the NEW Lemon Range from The Body Shop

When you meet an injured lemon, give it lemon-aid. 🤣

Well, that is exactly what The Body Shop has done with the new Lemon Range.

I am a huge fan of all things with a lemon scent. So I was beyond excited when this new range was announced ! The Body Shop did not disappoint either.

One of my favorite things about all of the products from The Body Shop are that they are all vegetarian or vegan. Plus many of the ingredients are sourced via community fair trade. All of that aside - in my opinion, the quality of the products always seem to exceed expectations.

Some background - I have dry, sensitive skin. Prior to trying products from The Bodys Shop, most products irritated my skin.

I found the facial cleanser very refreshing, gentle on my skin and left my skin feeling almost satin-like. Additionally, the body and hair wash was fabulous as a shower gel. However, I didn't try it as a shampoo - mainly because I am in love with the Ginger Shampoo. After showering, I decided to try the hand and body lotion. I was quite moisturizing and the scent was pleasant and uplifting. At no point during the day (or even the following day) did my skin feel itchy, tight or dry.

The lemon hand wash may be my new favorite - and has already taken over each of the sinks in my house. I love that it not only cleanses but purifies too ! And the hair mist is great for in between washes and your hair may be feeling (or smelling) a little less than fresh 😉

Overall, this range is GREAT for all skin types, but if you have super sensitive skin - you may want to do a test spot first as citric can potentially cause irritation if you have super sensitive skin. Also, the lemon scent is now overwhelming.... it is more of a mild, but refreshing lemon scent. 🍋

Try it out today and then let us know your thoughts ! We love hearing about customer feedback ❤️

❤️ xoxo,

Jackie & Barb

Shop with us: https://www.thebodyshopathome-usa.com/Crazylikeadaisy

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