Perfectly Imperfect - Cool Cucumber & Zesty Lemon!

Growing up in Eastern Washington with a family member in the agriculture business gave me a little window into the farm to table process. I remember the joy of pulling up my own carrots from a farmer’s field and delighting in funny shapes—while also wondering why I had never seen three-legged carrots before in the grocery store. My explanation came as I watched carrots go through a machine that separated them by size and shape, only allowing the most perfect specimen to go into the bins that would be sold to supermarkets.

What happens to the rest?

Sometimes things work out and the farmer is able to sell “ugly” produce for things like juice, and animal feed, but sometimes it goes to waste. The farmer also loses out on profit. That so called ugly produce came from highly valued growing space. It was watered, fertilized, and tended, all of which take time and resources.

Who knew a spa day could be one of many creative solutions to the dilemma of food waste? Oh, but it is. On July 31, 2020, two limited edition products will be available to The Body Shop At Home that take advantage of perfectly good produce that won’t sell on grocery store shelves. Lumpy lemons and curvy cucumbers make their debut as featured ingredients in our shower gel, body butter, and body yogurt.

Choose the zingy pick-me-up of Zesty Lemon, or the refreshing icy feel of Cool Cucumber—and know you’re making a dent in food waste while doing it.

Go quick. This special release won’t last long!