Meet Our Joyful Collective - Kelly Evon

Kelly Evon

Prospect, Connecticut, USA

Favorite Body Shop product and why?

Fuji Shampoo and Conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling soft and really shiny. And it smells beautiful for days.



Tell us about your kids and or pets.

I have 4 kids. My 28yr old son lives at home still. He would rather stay here than live alone. My 23yr old daughter went to college in Boston and stayed there. I have a 16 and 15yr old in their sophomore yr in HS. We have 2 cats and a stray they adopted us, she wont come in the house but we made her a comfortable spot in the garage for the night.

Your favorite food or beverage?

I love all types of food, too hard to choose

What do you like to do in your free time?

My hobbies are making perfumes, furniture painting, cooking

Besides TBSAH, do you have another job/career/gig/title?

I also work for a doctor, and I share about Essential Oils.

Favorite vacation destination?

I always wanted to go to Scotland and England.

Favorite social or environmental cause supported by The Body Shop?

Community Fair Trade

Contact Kelly to Shop, Host, or Join her Team via her web site

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