Meet Our Joyful Collective - Danielle Gates (Barr)

Danielle Gates (Barr) Parker, Colorado, USA

Favorite Body Shop product and why?

It's impossible to choose just one! I love the Shea lineup though! My skin was soooooo dry after all the hand sanitizer and hand washing! After using the Shea line, my hands are soft and smooth!



Tell us about your kids and or pets.

We have a baby boy, Wyatt who was born in October '19. He's our first human kid. But we have three Boxers who haven't the slightest idea that they aren't human. We hope to expand our #minifarm soon with alpacas, goats, and a donkey. We currently have around 20 chickens.

Your favorite food or beverage?

Italian food is my favorite.

What do you like to do in your free time?

There isn't much free time around here. I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Just to name a few: camping, motorcycling, dirt bikes, RC cars, the range, and so many other things!

Besides TBSAH, do you have another job/career/gig/title?

I work full time a a home improvement store, I am also a women's clothing Retailer, and have to help keep up with the house.

Favorite vacation destination or dream trip?

Dominica was my favorite place to visit. Some day I would like to take my husband and Wyatt on a cruise that visits there.

Favorite social or environmental cause supported by The Body Shop?

My favorite thing about the Body Shop is they do not test on animals!!!

Contact Danielle to Shop, Host, or Join her Team via her web site

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