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Introducing a Special Limited Edition Summer Collection by The Body Shop

Updated: May 7

Meet Fresh Raspberry & Cool Daisy ~ which are both vegan !

It’s almost time to start thinking about summer. Lazy days, beautiful blooms, juicy berries, and sunshine. So, to get you in the mood, The Body Shop just launched two new vegan summer limited edition body care ranges – floral & refreshingly scented Cool Daisy and juicy & tangy Fresh Raspberry. These are going to be your go-to products for the rest of the Spring and Summer !!


Each treat in this range is enriched with nourishing raspberry seed oil. Scrub and nourish normal to dry skin with a fruity scent to leave your skin smelling like fresh raspberries: tangy, juicy and with a hint of green.

Fresh Raspberry Shower Gel 250ml

Enriched with raspberry fruit extract, this juicy gel lathers up to leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed, and smelling like a basket of fresh raspberries. Good for normal to dry skin, the shower gel is lovely and foamy. But you’re here for the best bit – the smell. The limited edition Fresh Raspberry range smells like real juicy raspberries ripe from the pick-your-own farm: tangy, juicy, with a hint of green.

Fresh Raspberry Exfoliating Body Scrub 250ml

Buff that beautiful body with this fruity and pulpy scrub. Enriched with raspberry seeds and walnut shells, it gently exfoliates, leaving skin feeling refreshed, soft and smooth. A brilliant addition to your shower routine, buff a handful of the raspberry body scrub into damp skin (we’re a fan of the circular motion) for a fragrant burst of summer fruits.

Fresh Raspberry Whipped Body Butter 6.9OZ

This special edition whipped Body Butter leaves skin feeling intensely nourished and smelling like a punnet of fresh raspberries. The whipped-up texture is lighter and fluffier than our classic Body Butters, so it’s brilliant for the warmer months. The body moisturizer sinks in without feeling greasy for 72hr nourishing moisture, quenching dry skin and leaving it feeling softer with a healthy-looking glow.

Fresh Raspberry Hydrating Body Mist 3.3 FL OZ

Give hot, thirsty skin a hit of cool refreshment with our new special edition body mist. This hydrating mist helps cool things down and leave skin feeling nourished, so it’s particularly good to have around in the warmer months. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it gives you lightweight hydration without any stickiness and leaves you smelling like a punnet of raspberries. It even gives skin a nice healthy-looking glow (but not the sweaty kind).


Feel fresh as a daisy (and smell like one too) with Cool Daisy. This special edition, vegan body care range will leave you feeling refreshed. Perfect for hot summer days, enriched with daisy extract, this collection has a cool and refreshing scent that is just blooming lovely! As for the smell, Cool Daisy is one of our freshest, brightest, and well, coolest scents ever. Think of it like wandering through a field of flowers, or a festival (but one of the chilled-out, daytime ones).

Cool Daisy Shower Gel 250ml

Whether you’re a morning or evening shower person (or maybe both on really sticky days), this refreshing Shower Gel is a summer must-have. It will leave you feeling deliciously fresh and clean and add some flower power to your shower! Good for normal to dry skin, the shower gel is enriched with daisy extract and is lovely and foamy, bringing a little refreshment to your shower routine.

Cool Daisy Body Yogurt 200ml

Refresh thirsty skin with moisture using a dollop of this cool and floral-scented Body Yogurt. Its light gel/cream texture is instantly absorbing and hydrates skin for 48 hours of moisture. Good for dry, thirsty skin in need of a drink, this Cool Daisy Body Yogurt leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. You can even use it as a wet skin moisturizer by slathering it on after your shower, leaving you smelling as fresh and floral as a field of daisies.

Cool Daisy Hydrating Body Mist 3.3 FL OZ

When you’re feeling a bit hot and bothered, you need a spritz of our new special edition body mist. It’s super-refreshing and gives you an instant hit of hydration, leaving you feeling cool and smelling as fresh and floral a field of daisies. The body mist is enriched with hyaluronic acid for lightweight hydration, so it’s brilliant for dry, thirsty skin. Sinking in quickly without any stickiness, it leaves your skin feeling soothed from any dryness, with a healthy-looking glow.

And if that wasn't exciting enough .... they clearly knew how much we just LOVE daisies and named this range after us 😉 That seems like the most logical reason for the name - right ? 🤣 But in all seriousness - we can't wait to get our hands on these new products !!!

We'd love to hear from you about which one you are dying to try ! Reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram

❤️ xoxo (your "Cool Daisies" 🌼),

Jackie & Barb

Shop with us: https://www.thebodyshopathome-usa.com/Crazylikeadaisy

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