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Hemp seed oil vs CBD oil

Updated: Feb 6


Our bestselling Hemp Hand Protector has been legendary for over 20 years. Each 3.3 Ounce tube contains the goodness of over 900 hemp seeds, so this intense hydrator works around the clock to help shield skin for up to 24hrs!

Hemp seed oil is considered to be wonderfully nourishing. This hardworking moisturizer is thought to provide effective relief to tight, dry skin through cold climates.

Considered more than just a quick fix, hemp seed oil is thought to help restore the skin barrier and lock in moisture. Naturally, that makes hemp a hero for hardworking hands exposed to the elements.

Hemp, in general, is known for being a ‘miracle’ crop: because it helps to structure soil and can be used to regenerate land between food crops (whilst not taking it out of food production); it is thought to be four times more effective at capturing CO2 than trees; it doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides, providing habitat for wildlife - birds love the seeds. The Body Shop sustainably sources hemp seed oil from a cooperative of 300 farmers in France. These farmers have devised a way to use the hemp plant in its entirety. We use oil from the seed, but the press cake is used as a high protein animal feed, the plant fiber is used to make cloth and rope and the woody core is used to produce a strong fiber for door panels, natural insulation, equine bedding and sustainable building material used in the construction industry. Everything is used and CO2 is locked away, there is zero waste. #FunFactFriday

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