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Eco-bridges for Elephants in India


The Indian Elephant population has declined by 50% over the last 70 years.


The India Bio-Bridges program is part of The Body Shop’s ongoing commitment to protect and regenerate the endangered habitat as part of its wider Enrich Not Exploit sustainability strategy. This project falls under The Body Shop’s goal to “re-wild the world.”

Since the Bio-Bridges program launched in June 2016, The Body Shop has protected more than 17.2 million square meters of habitat across Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Our World Bio-Bridges Mission had a very specific aim: to restore ‘bio-bridges’, or wildlife corridors, in damaged landscapes to help endangered species reconnect, mate and thrive – all the while helping local communities to live more sustainably. We’re extremely proud of this mission, and although it has been completed, our fight to protect nature continues.

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