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Community Trade British Rose


We harnessed the British Rose's magical powers

If you haven’t tried our new British Rose products yet, you’re in for a treat. Think moisturizing, lightweight products, which give you beautiful dewy results and healthy-looking skin.

Why are our organic British roses so great?

Probably because they come from an award-winning farm, in the heart of the English countryside. Each organically grown rose is handpicked, air-dried, and infused on-site with Welsh mountain water, to lock in the fullest, freshest glow-enhancing essence. We use fragrant varieties of heritage Old English, Wild, and China Roses.

Our dedicated farmers carry out this careful extraction process with the utmost consideration to the environment, ensuring that our rose essence is as exceptional in quality as it is in it’s commitment to nature. Our supplier has won the UK's premier conservation award for its work to promote biodiversity

This means that we can feel confident using our roses in our natural products. Things are definitely coming up rosy🌹


❤️ xoxo,

Jackie & Barb

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