Clean Water for Haiti-Fundraiser

I have worked with friends in southern Haiti since 2017. And visited Haiti twice. Unfortunately, the earthquake in Haiti impacted Les Cayes, where one of my friends works and lives. He is providing clean water to remote villages with earthquake damage. The earthquake displaced and damaged many new, in-ground, water wells.

My friend's name is Israelson and he is going to these villages to help where he can and even has a small baby at home!? He is a small business owner like us who is fighting for a more fair Haiti. I posted a pic of him at work. See attachment.

Would you all help me fundraise for clean water devices? If everyone places an order of $34 or more between today and Sunday, August 29th. I will donate my profits to his organization directly so he can purchase more clean water devices.

- thank you for your support!

Please use this party link:

Rachel Anderson, Independent Consultant

The Body Shop at Home